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 Interview von Denise Bergert (29.08.2008) Artikel-Feed (RSS) abonnieren

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On this years Games Convention we have spoken to Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda Softworks. And we have managed to elicit some quite interesting information about Fallout 3. In addition to that we are hosting an >>»interview-video. Many players liked “Oblivion” because of its colourful and organic - typical role-playing world. Do you think that some of them will be scared off, because of the wasted and dark setting of “Fallout 3”?

Pete Hines: I certainly think that both have very different looks. Fallout ist much more of a destroyed world, but there is a beauty to it. You’ll be getting to see all the different types of destruction of the world. And we try to vary visually, when you go for example from the wasteland into interiors and from the wasteland into downtown DC, or through the lighting, with our full day-night-lightcycle and different cloud conditions. So it does look and feel a bit different as you are moving around in the world. I think in general, if folks liked that about “Oblivion”, they’ll find a lot of that to enjoy in “Fallout”. My next question is about travelling. So it’s a huge gameworld. How do you get from one point to another? Will there be vehicles to use?

Pete Hines: No, everywhere you go you have to travel on foot. When you start the game, the only place you know about is vault 101. The vault that you leave to go out into the world. But beyond that you travel around on foot to discover all locations. Once you discovered a location you can fast travel back to any location you visited before, using the fast travel system. So you don’t have to constantly walk back and forth. But there are no rideable creatures, there are no vehicles to drive around. You have to walk on foot to get everywhere. The world is really big, but not so huge thats impossible or daunting. It gives us a lot of space to put lots of cool and new things for you to find as you’re exploring. Will there be other vaults?

Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Are you planning to use more voice actors than in Oblivion?

Pete Hines: A lot more voice actors. And a lot more variations. You should find as you are walking around and talking to people, that you’ll be constantly hearing new and different voices and not the same person over and over. Apart of that is because of that we have a lot fewer people in the world. In “Oblivion” you’ve got several thousand. Its impossible to try and give all of them a voice, but in “Fallout” we’ve got this destroyed world and humanity is struggling to survive and there is far fewer people. So it’s much easier to give them a lot more variations. So yes, we have a lot more voice actors, a lot more variations and voices for sure. How do you plan to limit the gameworld? Will you use invisible walls?

Pete Hines: For the most part we usually find that people go to the edge of the world just to see what happens when they get there. So we could come up with fake terrain that would keep you from leaving, but most of the time folks get to the edge of the world and then they get a little message that says “You reached the edge of the world. Turn back”. And then they’ll move on. So we try not to overthink stuff like that. My next question is about the graphics. I saw some screenshots where exactly the same car-model was placed three times side by side. Were these bugs you’ve fixed by now?

Pete Hines: Even when travelling around here we sometimes find buildings where they built a set of apartments and they’re all built in a similar style and are part of a group of buildings. In Fallout it’s obviously a destroyed world. We try to vary the destruction in terms of “What would actually be here? How would this city have been built up first before it got destroyed?” We do spent a lot of time thinking about the variation of the architecture and what would it all look like once it was destroyed. Did you get some inspiration of the russian shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for the setting?

Pete Hines: No, not really. All we really need for inspiration is the original “Fallout”-games. We started in 2004 with asking “What do we want this world to look like? How do we bring the world that we saw in Fallout 1 and 2 to a firstperson- and thirdperson-game in a really high level of detail?”. That was really our approach the whole time and thats what we focused on. I’m pretty pleased with how the game has come together and how it looks and feels and how it plays. Do you plan to make more games of the series? Maybe a “Fallout 4”?

Pete Hines: Absolutely. We went out and aquired the rights to the series so that we owne it, could continue it and going forward. We didn’t just want to do one and be done. We want this to be a series that we come back to and make more games down the road. But, way down the road. We want to get this one out first. And why didn’t you put in a multiplayer-mode?

Pete Hines: “The Elder Scrolls” certainly has been single-player only and “Fallout” itself has been single-player - and any time you add multiplayer or coop or any other mode, it’s one more thing the team has to focus on. And we felt like the best game that we could make, would be making it single-player only and focussing on that. As opposed we would have to think about what happens when you play with somebody else, how many enemys are on the screen and how much detail would we put on those, whats the framerate now etc... so we said let’s focus on just one thing and making it as good as possible. I played “Fallout 3” yesterday and I saw you have some violent scenes in it, heads blowing off for example. Will you have to cut the german version of the game?

Pete Hines: That’s still to be determined. We actually don’t believe in talking publicly about the differences between english, german or australian versions. We will make sure that the game is out and available in germany, but we don’t want to get into discussing what changes we might have to make.

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